SPECIAL VEGETABLES DRYING - DEHUMIDIFICATION SYSTEM INTEGRATED IN AN INDUSTRIAL FOOD PROCESS - INDUSTRY 4.0. Recold offers a variety of process systems for food industry. Our machines have been present for several years in many industries in Italy and abroad. The applications mainly concern cooling-maturing and drying-dehumidification for the fruit and vegetable, dairy, meat and sausage sectors. The advantages are greater speed in the production phase, energy savings, hygienic safety and product quality, less waste


  • more than forty years of experience in the sector
  • Prototyping and customized design 
  • anti-corrosion structure
  • All components in stainless steel
  • Hight efficiency and energy recovery
  • software managing and remote control
  • System can be integrated into Azienda 4.0

SPECIAL OIL COOLING - HIGH EFFICIENCY SYSTEM FOR PRECISION MECHANICS WITH DIRECT OIL COOLING. Recold offers an oil temperature control system for precision mechanics with direct or indirect exchange cooling depending on the use. In fact, the overheating of the hydraulic oil with the loss of its physical characteristics can compromise the   correct running of the equipment served and the quality of the product. This is why our machines support applications for hydraulic and cooling oils and emulsions with different viscosities. Powers from 3 kW to 300 kW


  • Maximum reliability and performance
  • Oversized plate or tube bundle exchangers
  • EER / COP high efficiency in operation
  • Control of sound levels
  • Tropicalization for extreme climatic situations
  • Reduced overall dimensions
  • Anti-corrosion components
  • Smart electronics with alarm signals
  • Use of GAS with a lower environmental impact
  • Easy installation and access to all components

SPECIAL ANTI-CORROSION - CARPENTRY, PIPES, PUMPS AND HEAT EXCHANGERS IN AISI 316 STAINLESS STEEL AND OTHER PROTECTION DEVICES. Recold designs and produces on request industrial chillers with solutions for corrosive environments, for example in the tanning, food, wine processes or sea areas, the carpentry and the electrical panel are made of stainless steel or anodized aluminium according to protection needs. The hydraulic pipes, the heat exchangers and all the parts in contact with the refrigerant liquid are in stainless steel, the refrigeration pipes are treated with specific products and covered with insulation and a protective aluminium layer the air condensers with pipes and fins in stainless steel or with cataphoresis treatment.

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