WE PRODUCE HIGH PERFORMANCE AND VERY HIGH RELIABILITY INDUSTRIAL CHILLERS - TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE AND SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE. Founded in 1980 as an assistance and maintenance company for refrigeration units in the industrial sector all over the world, Recold offers its technologies to help refrigeration systems on highly stressed production lines. Due its high experience, Recold transfers detailed information to its production that is useful for the creation of high-performance industrial chillers with very high reliability both with water and oil and able to operate in the most critical conditions. Our production is a niche sector, is at the top of the market and offers specific solutions for your company. Today Recold, in strong commercial expansion all over the world, is able to offer the products and the solutions including the level of service you are looking for. Recold works tirelessly on data and technical tests, offering as result an innovative, dynamic, absolutely customized production oriented towards industry 4.0. Our focus is not only a continue research and development of new projects, but we strengthen the technical assistance to guarantee, today, the best package of services in the sector.

  • Experience 40 Years long

SPECIAL TANNERIES and LEATHER - OUR MACHINES ARE PRESENT IN THE MAJOR TANNING REALITIES IN ITALY AND ABROAD. The applications mainly concern drying with controlled dehumidification and heat recovery; temperature control in all stages of the leather process ensuring greater speed in the production phase combined with energy savings. All these advantages translate into operational efficiency, production stability, and ultimately economic benefits.


  • more than forty years of experience in the sector
  • Prototyping and customized design 
  • anti-corrosion structure
  • All components in stainless steel
  • Hight efficiency and energy recovery
  • software managing and remote control
  • System can be integrated into Azienda 4.0

SPECIAL WINE PROCESSES – CHILLERS DESIGNED AND MANUFACTURED SPECIFICALLY FOR WINE PRODUCTION - LEADER IN THE SECTOR. "To design any machine for a specific application, it is necessary to know the product and the customer's needs in depth". Precisely for this reason our passion for wine and its processes has led us to share great experiences alongside expert oenologists and has allowed us to know the needs and problems of the sector. This is why we have developed a specific chiller model for winemaking with the following features:

  • ANTICORROSION – carpentries, pump pipes and heat exchangers in AISI 316 stainless steel
  • MULTI-COMPRESSOR up to 16 unit to control consumption following real request,
  • COOLING GUARANTEE even if one or more compressors are off
  • TOTAL OR PARTIAL RECOVERY OF HEATING to can heat also when cooling is not request
  • USABLE AT HIGH, MEDIUM AND LOW temperature without change project parameters.
  • Therefore, it’s possible to use the same unit to:
  • MALOLACTICS: possibility of using heat recovery
  • TEMPERATURE CONTROL IN STORAGE ROOMS with appropriate accessories
  • SOUNDPROOFING application of devices to control noise below 50 decibels

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